Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Made Triple Sec Today

I have been wanting to make this for some time now, ever since I found recipes for this over on Pinterest. Today I realized I had all the ingredients including a refrigerator drawer full of odd little tangerines, tangelos, juice oranges, and even a couple of limes-so I juiced enough for a double batch. 

I am going to use my triple sec with tequila for making margaritas, so the lime was nice in this.

I settled on the recipe I found here and doubled the recipe, I ended up with just a little over a gallon so needed to put some of it into a quart jar. This needs to rest now for a month and then strain and bottle. Wow it tastes so wonderful already.

A note: my hand juicer-I picked up this piece of hand thrown pottery from a potter in North Carolina back in the early 70s. I love handmade pottery, and this is one of my most favorite pieces that I regularly use. The zester tool was a treat I bought for myself when I retired back in 2003. I love kitchen tools and memories.


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