Sunday, September 30, 2012

Healthy Mondays Recipes with Almond Flour

  I have not posted a healthy Mondays post for a bit-so while I am watching Food Network-this popped into my head-lol

   I have celiac so I have been baking and cooking gluten free for many years now-probably around 15 years or so. It has been a process, as I learn more about ingredients available to me, and there is sooo much more information available now then way back when I learned I needed to bake different.

  I have been making my own mix now for flour for baking and also bread making, which I really love. My baking mix is: one part sorghum flour, brown rice flour, almond meal flour, tapioca starch, and cornstarch. I leave out the xanthia gum and add per recipe. Recently I have leaned about grain free diets-wow that would be more difficult, I would miss my corn and brown rice, and protein rich sorghum. I have learned that what is being developed for these diets is using blanched almond flour

     Blanched almond flour is just the nut ground into flour with the brown skins removed. It makes more of fine flour opposed to a fine meal.Almonds are so rich in nutrition-high protein, calcium and more.

  I found Elana's Pantry blog here, she has lots of information and has written books as well.

         her white chocolate chip cookies here  the ingredients are amazing to me
                 lemon lavender cookies are here  I love the simplicity in her recipes.
                 more recipes here  the common almond meal/flour will not work in her recipes, 
                                                      the blanched almond flour is what is needed.

More information on the almond flour here

  I hope this information helps you to think "out of the box" and create healthier sweet treats. Even if you do not need to eliminate gluten flours, these recipes will give you something a little different and healthier too. I found this site for "pimping" a recipe-changing your favorite recipe to healthier here

  I have been doing this for quite awhile now, going thru a recipe and changing to healthier oils, better sugars for a diabetic, and gluten free--go ahead and bake something a little different and upgrade your recipe to healthier and more nutritious.



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