Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good morning Saturday and a song

  Big storm went thru yesterday around supper time and lasted a couple hours, no storm damage right where I live, but there were alot of tornadoes out and about. This was to bring in much cooler air-hope so as I am so tired of these high 90s that just won't let up.

   Last night I went thru the cookbooks of my Moms that I sent back, I actually was able to find spots for them in my large bookshelf of cookbooks and herb books. My favorite is Mom's 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook, and the Farm Journals-she had alot of titles that I did not have. These are farm wives recipes and my go to books for alot of recipe ideas. and something special I was going thru a hand typed notebook of recipes that I thought was my Mom's-alot of childhood favorites in there-but this was my late sisters book. So that made me smile and brought back memories of us cooking and baking together.

   I am hoping to have enough money soon to get my late sisters poems copyrighted and published, and I am thinking of including some of these recipes in the back of the book.

   I finally got back to working on more tissue papered walls for my bathroom-looking good. I need to paint with primer some more walls to continue on with that.

   I am also excited about some new items I am going to make and offer in my etsy soap shop. I just placed an order for the supplies; several moisturizers, pumpkin salt scrub, gardeners scrub, peppermint bark soap, and several bath teas with salts. Fun! link for my shop is in the left hand column.

   Our wild turkey flock still comes everyday-sometimes 2 and 3 times a day-they are getting bigger and so fun to view. The does and fawns are still coming too.

  Life is good here in my woods


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