Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Crafts & Memory Lane

  I remember back when I was a kid-wayyyy back-lol that we always had alot of fun collecting fall leaves and then pressing them between wax paper-this would preserve them a bit so we could enjoy them longer.
   My birthday fell in october so although I was never big on parties-I did enjoy all the different fall and halloween themes Mom had planned. 
   Fall also brought the wiener roast at my grandparents home on the farm. All us grandkids would help rake up leaves and fallen branches-and besides playing in the piles of leaves--we would have a huge bon fire-grandma and mom made all the sides-grandpa made wiener sticks and we would roast our hot dogs over the fire, along with marhsmallows of course, and warmed apple cider. I have no idea why I am remembering these things this morning.
  I love fall, the crispness of the air, the gorgeous blue sky and pretty colors of the leaves.getting the last of the harvest in jars or in the dehydrater, gatting ready for the fall hunting season.
   As grown ups we can still enjoy all these things along with fall crafts-there are really so many fun things we can make and create-most of us probably already have some of the supplies on hand-so go have some fun creating. and check out your garden or farmers market for gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks and more.
  Sharing a few links on the web to get us motivated:
     from pinterest  from martha stewart  and I love this project from Martha-dip leaves in wax and hang from here


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