Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Gorgeous Fall Day Here in the Ozarks & my Tissue Papered Walls

  After such an extreme summer here with no rain since spring and mostly in the 100s or near 100s-it is so refreshing to have cool mornings, that fall breeze, and sunshine. It is working its way back into the mid 80s by afternoon here, but the mornings are so perfect.

  Nikita (my fury family pet since 1999) and I take a walk every morning, and I have been going back out in the woods this week looking for mushrooms.

   I am thinking no mushrooms this year, we didn't get any this spring and I have found no corals or chanterels as of yet. I did find a couple baby puff balls, which I will saute in butter and garlic and onions for supper tonight. I would love to get a good picking for canning, as I am getting low in the pantry for mushrooms.

   Yesterday was drop off a box day at the resale shop-gets stuff out of the house I no longer use and gets recycled by someone that does. I try to not buy more items unless something catches my eye for my crafts or my kitchen.

    I did find a very thick large and heavy glass bowl that will be perfect for some of my handmade soap products-so was pleased with that.  We went to a different Wal mart store than we usually do, this one is much bigger, and I was able to purchase all the ingredients for my homemade English type fruitcakes, and some holiday dark chocolate chips that are always fun to bake with.  So next cool day I will begin to make fruitcakes for my Larry and father in law-they both love this cake. Its a dark cake with mostly fruits and nuts and very little cake. This year I will use brandy for the spirits. I make a gluten free version for me, but use dried fruits instead of the sugar ones.  So was happy about that, since the Wal mart here does not sell their Christmas baking goodies til late October or November, this will give me a head start.

   I love to bake during the holidays, but I no longer have many people to share with-we don't need all the sweets around any more either, but for me a special part of the holidays is baking. I do bake healthy though-so I freeze alot for later treats too.

   I am working on my tissue paper walls again today-looking good-and making progress-yeah!
I need to get off here and get back to that-I use my blog posting and reading for little breaks during my day.

  Have an awesome day!!


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