Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wild Turkeys Come for a Visit and my Faux Walls

 We are really enjoying the wildlife. We have a large turkey flock that has discovered the bird seed, so I have been spreading out a little corn for them-they stop by for a visit every day-their flock has 3 hens and 20 youngsters. Thought this was neat that 3 families are working together

   I am planning on a  trip to visit my Mom in Indiana this month which will be a very long greyhound bus ride. Last week was so busy with the demise of my multiply blog and getting settled in here and on blogster, and watching the olympics that I totally thought I had two weeks yet before I go-wrong--I just realized I am leaving next week. so lots to do before I go.

 I had started working on faux walls in my bathroom. I am using the tissue paper technique, and I got back to that today. It is fun, but is also taking allot more time than I thought it would-and my body-especially my neck is not liking this task. So I can not stick with it an entire day like I had hoped. about 4 hours is all I can do in a day. If I keep at this, I am hoping to have this first wall finished with the tissue paper and then hoping to get the primer over it before I go.


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