Sunday, August 19, 2012

My "Doings in the Ozarks" Catch Up

Good morning Sunday. We have so been enjoying the cooler mornings here, and no more 100’s yeah!! They say we will stay in drought conditions thru November-so that means still very little or no rain.
We have been using 50 pounds a week of cracked corn to feed the wildlife-mostly the deer and the wild turkey flock that visits us every day now-sometimes twice a day- They have been such a joy to watch. Right now the corn is still just under 10.00 a bag but the price is steadily going up every day now.
Feel good about my faux walls so far in the bathroom-looking good. I need to take today off putting the tissue paper up cause my right arm and shoulder, and my neck are in much pain today. So I will be cleaning house, packing for my trip, and perhaps baking a cake today instead.
Some of my friends are checking out ipernity for a blog home. I signed in and checked it out but don’t like it. A few tech issues for me there too-can’t sign in most of the time, I have tried to verify my email addy several times now-and still not verified, and my friends are here or on blogger.
Soooooo I deleted the ipernity account and I finally felt good about doing this today-I deleted my multiply account. I had been there since 2007. My close friends are mostly here, and I have my blogger account set up to save posts that I want to keep and find again. I have helped several friends get set up over on blogster, and I have a few friends that do not want to pursue blogging any more so am keeping in touch with them thru emails. And I have another close friend that set up over on blogger.  So, all is good in my blog world right now.
When going to multiply now the posts are a lot about saving multiply or how to download their information without the copy and paste-so I don’t need to be there any more-too negative now. There is also talk about the development of a new blog site copying a lot of mulitply’s features. They are struggling to get the software written  within  a month I think they said.
When I get back home from my week  long visit with my Mom in Indiana, I don’t want to see negative stuff on multiply-want my blog world to be fresh-my new start.
   September will bring fall-yeah which means wild mushroom hunting, cutting firewood so we will have heat, back working on my bathroom project, and hoping my soap sales will start taking off too.


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