Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Make New Soap With all of Those Little Slivers

I finally got around to trying this out a few weeks ago. When we are not using 
my soap in the shower, we have pure ivory soap. For years we have been
tossing out those last slivers of soap,
   So several months ago I set a small wicker basket in the bathroom and
tossed those ivory slivers of soap in there. When it wad filled I decided to make 
up two batches of rebatched soap.
    I used a double boiler and put half the soap in there that I had grated, add a 
little water to cover the bottom, and then stirred from time to time as it,
melted down. Thru the process I needed to add more water. This takes
 awhile so something to do when you are in the kitchen anyways. When it is 
melted it looks like a thick glue. 
   I saved a thick plastic small container that had mushrooms in them-and
poured the melted soap in there-pressing it down to pack it.
   I left it in the mold til the next morning, got it out of the mold and then
sliced it into the bars. The soap is pretty soft cause of the added water,
so I have it drying on a cookie rack and covered it with wax paper. When
I walk by from time to time I flip the soap over.
   It has been a couple weeks now, and the soap is drying, getting harder, 
and feels more like a bar of soap.
I made up the 2nd batch and did the same. We ended up with about a
dozen bars of soap. 
  I had read about this, but just never tried it  Pretty cool


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