Monday, August 6, 2012

iomport blog october 2007 shower

Blog EntryOct 19, '07 11:45 PM
for everyone

Could only tear hubby away from his projects to take one picture of me and my first completed wall, so I look like a dork here and this picture has a big spot in the corner. this next picture is good for viewing the whole top of wall I finished in the last two days. this picture shows the view of shower when you walk into the room. we wanted the rocks to extend openly above the shower for better visual. that mess on the upper left border of shower is this yucky glue we were trying out for the tiles. it takes forever and ever to dry and is just a mess. these tiles slipped down so I had to remove them. and this last picture is my second wall I will be working on to finish. I am going to need to take a day and hunt for more rocks. what I have left is all the same colors and textures


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