Monday, August 6, 2012

inport blog rock shower nov 2007

Blog EntryNov 15, '07 2:42 PM
for everyone

  Today is a sunny windy day, it is also cold and only in the 30s. They say back in the 60s tomorrow.
   I have been wanting to get back on my rocks, so I thought I would mix up a small batch of mortar and see how my back handles it. Have been anxious to get Chrissy's rocks in place.  My biggest concern was the water buckets, so I just put a small amount of water in them and then Hubby helped me clean up. I am very happy although I only did one batch. Very tempting to mix up another batch of mortar but didn't want to overdo. Here are some pictures.
Chrissy sent me the fish fossil rock-very cool, and the two grey stones with stripes. I wanted to be able to view the fish fossil well, but did not want people touching it, so it is up high, and when you walk into the room you can see it. Thanks so much Chrissy


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