Monday, August 6, 2012

inport blog dec 2007 rug loom

Blog EntryDec 15, '07 8:22 AM
for Kathy's friends & their friends and Kathy's family & their family

Larry got up early yesterday and worked on my big loom. As we got into it, we realized we were missing some of the bolts. These are old farm bolts that they don't make anymore. We are down to just finding two more to put the last piece on top that has the pullys. Bummer is he has moved around from place to place buckets of all sizes of these bolts. While fixing up his shop he decided to scrap them, as the machinery he works on doesn't use these any more. Isn't that just the way of it when you finally part with stuff down the line you always need it. I think that is why I have turned into a saver of all my "treasures" lol So when Larry finishes putting it together and squaring up the two looms and we find a perfect place in my room for them-I will clean and oil them up. We are still missing at least one box of weaving stuff and tools so may look for those this weekend. Not alot of snow last night, but the bulk of the snow is still coming. Good day for cookie baking and playing in my craft room.


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