Friday, August 10, 2012

Import blog yahoo 360 shutdown

Blog EntryMay 30, '09 6:56 AM
for everyone

It took them long enough-hehe
I just got an email that they are closing 360 down for good sometime in July I think they said. However, the ones that are still there and going to the new improved yahoo-will not get there 360 stuff transported over. You have to save it somehow and then bring it over yourself-if I understood what they were doing.
I wanted to shut down that whole mess over there, but I belong to several really good yahoo groups that I enjoy and would have lost those unless I started a new identiy.
I am so glad I made the move to multiply and to blogger and not waited on them-I so don't like their new format either-I started one in the beginning "just in case" and now I can't delete that either-so it can just sit there.
I have already started getting invites-please don't send me one for Yahoo-Multiply is my primary blogging tool for interaction and my Blogger blog is where I keep track of artists, craftsman, food blogs etc.
wow summer will be arriving to the ozarks this weekend-we will be in the 90s-yikes-not ready for that yet. I am off to take Nikita for a walk this morning before it gets too hot, and today we pick up our angels food too-I ordered lots of produce this time and their fish box again too.
Enjoy your weekend friends!


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