Saturday, August 11, 2012

Import Blog whippoorwill

Blog EntryMay 7, '09 5:48 AM
for everyone

This morning was my last gobbleteer duties for Missouri Conservation. as always Autumn was right there to jump up on my lap and listen too-lol However not a turkey could be heard.
We were seranaded with all the critters at the ponds, lots of birds, and mostly the whippoorwill. I had never heard one of these til we moved to Missouri. You either love them or dislike their song. It is so unique I always welcome spring with their songs. They sing at sunrise and sunset only.

I found this on youtube if you would like a listen (I needed to listen thru 3 others that were not the whippoorwill to find this one)
 I am off this morning with Sandy-she's taking me to my doctors check up (he moved about 45 minutes away now) and of course we will check out some shops and do lunch.
Catch up with you all later
The doctors office called at 7 am this morning and canceled my appointment on me. So, I am mostly working on putting up more rocks this morning. However, tomorrow morning Sandy has an appointment so we are going garage sale shopping first-lol Larry found a big sale with lots of crafts and quilting stuff so tomorrow morning we will shop.


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