Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Blog EntryJan 27, '09 12:29 PM
for Kathy's contacts

Thank you friends.
We are right on the line between the bad ice and not so bad. It quit early last night, and then this morning early the ice and sleet started up again but only for a few hours. So no where near as bad as what we had to go thru two winters ago-over 2 weeks with no power (no water)
  South of us is the worse, and my friend Kim from Arkansas is probably getting hit harder than us here. They are still predicting a bunch of snow-but no wheres near your comments of 8 to 12 inches and more-no thank you-lol that is one of the reasons we moved away from Northern Illinois and here is to enjoy all the seasons, but not as severe a winters.
   I will be thinking of all of you as it heads your glad we have no wind, so the power is still on-yeh!  will wait and see how much snow is to come yet.
  I am getting ready to put a duck in the oven, any ideas for herbs? same as turkey and chicken?


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