Saturday, August 11, 2012

Import Blog Photos walk to the pond

It was very very windy all night and all day this morning.
I got up early and was working in my craft room, when the big rain storm with a little hail finally arrived. This photo is taken just above one of my looms and looking out that window to the front pond
Picture084.jpg storm march 09 picture by kathyinozarks

Around noon, I took a break and took Nikita for her walk, as the storm had passed, we had gorgeous sunshine, but still very windy.
  Later around 4 pm I decided to grab the camera and take a few photos. Still windy but much warmer now. Of course little Autumn tagged along
This photo is taken thru the budding maple tree by the house into the sky
Picture090.jpg march 8th afternoon picture by kathyinozarks

This is the first and only little wildflower I saw blooming
Picture091.jpg only little flower I saw today picture by kathyinozarks

Autumn taking a walk with me towards the food plot and back pond
Picture095.jpg march 8 autumn picture by kathyinozarks

I was going to walk into the food plot until I saw the turkeys. I did not want to spook them so walked on by. You can see them, just off  center to the left.
Picture096.jpg march 8 looking into food plot-turkeys picture by kathyinozarks
Do any of you know if this moss or lichens? I am looking to find lichen for the dye pot
Picture097.jpg moss or lichens? march 8 picture by kathyinozarks
We are up to the back pond now. The sun was very very  bright, but did get a nice shot
Picture099.jpg march 8th back pond picture by kathyinozarks
Me and Autumn enjoying the view
Picture100.jpg autumn and me march 8 picture by kathyinozarks

Back to the house now, here are a few purple crocus peaking thru all the oak leaves
Picture107.jpg march 8 picture by kathyinozarks
Picture108.jpg march 8 crocus by the fence picture by kathyinozarks
and to close this wild garlic grows everywhere-welcomes us to spring here in the ozarks
Picture104.jpg wild garlic march 8 picture by kathyinozarks


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