Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Above is a picture of my latest raggy quilt I just completed and delivered to our neighbor friend David yesterday. This one turned out bright and cheary.
  My goal this summer is to catch up on all those ufo's and also to make and finish my promised quilts. My very first quilt I started is a huge queen size jean quilt I am making for my hubby and me.  It was taking awhile to complete as I have alot of hand embroidery blocks included. (a picture of some of the blocks in my raggy quilt album) Getting Davids quilt finished; I dug out this quilt. I have 4 full wal mart bags full of blocks. All completed but one bag. (mmm not so bad after all) I had put it away for awhile because I was having trouble embroidering the yellow ribbon blocks. I am better at marking out the pattern now,  so this is my next project to complete. 
   This quilt will bring back memories of when I first retired and was overwhelmed at all the work to do in our new home  (which still is not finished-and most of my belongings are still in boxes-someday) and Larry having alot of health problems can only do so much.  My mom had convinced me to drag out my sewing maching,  find a little corner in the house somewhere, and learn to quilt.  I am glad I listened to her!!  I now know a little more about quilting, mostly because I found my yahoo group B&B.
   Well enough rambling on for now. We need to go into town for blood work this morning-our routine appointment. later folks


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