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Import Blog Mango margaritas

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I haven't welcomed summer in yet with one of my fruit frozen margaritas-so tonight was it-lol
   Thanks to Deb the Gardener, for the idea of using mangos-these are just soooo wonderful, the texture of the drink is so smooth-I chugged the first one down really fast-lol
Here is my old stand by recipe:
Kathy's Margaritas
1/2 tray of ice cubes crushed
3 shots tequilla
1 1/2 shots triple sec
1 shot lime juice-I used my key limes
1 cup fresh fruit-I used one fresh mango
Mix all but the ice til very smooth, then add in the ice  process til thick and smooth. May need a little more ice, taste adjust the taste-sometimes I add a little sweetening, a little more tequilla. Serve in glasses rimmed with margarita salt. do Enjoy!!
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