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Our lilies are so beautiful this year. We have had lots of rain this spring, hoping this gets us out of draught conditions. My veggie garden not doing as well, but all my flowers are loving all this rain. Check out my garden photo album for more beautiful pictures.
     I am actually quite excited about getting back and finishing up my very first quilt project.  I remember I didn't have quite enough jeans to complete my queen size raggy jean quilt, so my mom in Indiana and her friend Charlotte went thru their old jeans and sent me enough to finish up. I have the word out now here in my little town ; to recylce those old jeans to me.  I now have a huge stash of denim jeans. 
     I finished embroidering the one yellow ribbon block yesterday  and will do one more the same.  On the remainder of about 60 or so blocks will decide on something different. I don't really like this pattern I chose for the ribbon, is hard to copy the pattern. I don't totally have that perfected yet, getting an intricate pattern transfered to material so I can hand embroidery it.
For todays recipe I chose Lavender Limeade  (something refreshing in these hot temps)
6 cups spring water
1 cup Splenda (or to taste)
1/3 cup fresh lavender flowers or 1/4 cup dried
1 teaspoon lime zest-grated from an organic lime (if you can find one)
1 cup lime juice-freshly squeezed
In a saucepan; combine 2 cups of water, the Splenda, lavender flowers and the lime zest. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer stirring til the Splenda dissolves. Remove from pan and let syrup stand for 10 minutes. Strain and discard the lavender flowers.
In a large pitcher; stir the remaining 4 cups of water, syrup, and lime juice. Serve over ice and add lime slices for garnish.  enjoy.
Entry for May 31, 2006 and how to make rose water
Entry for May 31, 2006 and how to make rose water magnify
I am going to post a recipe for making your own rose water.   I made some last year and had such fun with it that I made some again this May.  Use it for a little splash on fresh fruit, use it in a cake recipe,  use it for a little splash on yourself after a shower.  Experiment.
Rose Water
2 cups distilled water
1/4 cup fresh rose petals-damask best
4 tablespoons vodka
Combine all ingredients in a sterilized glass botttle. gently stir and store in a cool dry place. Strain out the petals (after a few weeks) using a strainer lined with muslin or an unbleached coffee filter. Rebottle.
This is a beautiful way to save summer for those cloudy winter days.  I was delighted to discover this recipe in a magazine years ago as it is an ingredient in  my Grandma Jones' hand lotion.
 Grandmas hand lotion
She used 1 part rose water to 3 to 4 parts glycerin. Put in a pretty bottle and use on your hands to keep soft in the winter or after gardening.


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