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Entry for June 12, 2006 and cherry-vanilla pie
I made this yesterday and it turned out quite good. I am discovering the fun things you can do with Cool Whip. It makes puddings light and airy and almost a little thicker and creamier.  Just experiment with lots of flavors of puddings and then mix in fat free or sugar free Cool Whip. I stayed away from these two products for years but they are nice to use since available now in sugar free.
Kathys cherry vanilla pie
Make up a graham cracker crust.  I have been using only olive oil, but even after being baked it does not hold its shape well. So since I have been making my own homemade butter again, I am using part butter and olive oil and I am getting a better crust that holds its shape and does not totally crumble while getting it out of the pan.
Make up 2 small boxes of vanilla sugar free pudding and use 3 cups of Silk unsweetened soy milk. I use the kind that you cook not the instant.  The instant for some reason does not work with any milks except cow milk. I have tried rice milk, almond milk and soy and none of these gets thick or sets up when using the instant.
Cool the mixture down and add a container of sugar free Cool Whip. fold in and put back in the frig. til nice and cold.
On the bottom of your cooled pie crust, pour a can of sugar free cherry pie filling, spread out evenly. On top add the pudding mixture. Put back in the frig. and let it set up over night or make your pie early in the day.
This is a yummy desert, and we have eliminated all  of the added sugars by using soy milk, sugar free pudding, sugar free Cool Whip, and sugar free cherry pie filling.
This is a wonderful desert for those back yard barbecues. Enjoy.


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