Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Today is our anniversary -24 years of life experiences and wonderful years together
Looks like a pretty day today, been getting cool in the evenings so that is kinda nice.
I started embroidering my last 60 squares for my jean quilt yesterday afternoon. Am anxious to get this one completed.
I will check in later, need to make coffee.
Above picture is a nice shot I took of Larry working on his machines.
I am back, it is around 9:30 am, I had a big cup of coffee, and walked in the garden and took some more pictures. I was going to weed but just about got dragged away by all the mosquitos; so back in the house for me.
Drinking my coffee reminds me of those yummy coffee drinks you can get in those fancy coffee houses. Here is one of my versions.
Kathy's frozen coffee drink
1 pot coffee brewed fresh and strong, expresso coffee is great for this (may cool this down first)
1 cup Silk soy milk-unsweetened, or sugar free ice cream or frozen yogurt your choice of flavors
flavored syrup-no sugar kind-your choice of flavors
ice cubes
Maybe a dollop of fat free or sugar free Cool Whip on top
Fill your blender half full with coffee, add the ingredients of your choice and fill up with lots of ice. Blend til smooth and thick. Check the taste and may need a little vanilla extract or a bit of Splenda.
Pour into a nice big mug or fancy tall glass. Enjoy!!
You can make this as healthy as you want using fat free, and sugar free products, or those made with Splenda. These are fun to whip up-be creative.


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