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Blog EntryMay 14, '08 3:14 PM
for everyone

Well what do all think? I started out with the jean bag pattern I recently posted, and modified it a bit. After I cut the pieces I thought it looked kinda small and not as big as the picture shown. So, I cut pieces to add 6 more inches in length and sewed them all together. Anyone that knows me and my quilts, will know I do alot of raggy-soooo I thought this project would look great in the raggy look. I made all seems raggy except when I put in the bottom piece.
   Now I am kind of wondering about putting in a possible lining, not sure if I want to mess with that though-but I like the way it turned out.These two jean pieces came from that big big stash I got last summer. there were several neat colors in that stash
Oh and here is the link to the jean bag pattern  (just click on jean bag pattern)


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