Friday, August 10, 2012

Import blog Jeans market bag

51709556.jpg picture by kathyinozarks
Back of bag

This bag is all washed up and dried now, and ready to mail off tomorrow morning for my friend.
I really like the way it turned out.
 I used a pair of purple shorts, then opened up the hem seams, and opened up that inner seam.
  I then sewed seams that, you see under the zipper, and same spot in the back kinda at an angle to make those seams straighter, then laide it on the cutting mat-with a ruller made the bottom straighter,  then I trimmed those seams back to an inch or more and clipped to make raggy-seams were sewn so would be raggy in the front.
 I then went thru my huge jeans stash, found a pant leg and cut a long rectangle out of it, then fitted that into the bottom, I like this better than just sewing a straight seam across-gives more room in the bag, and just looks alot nicer too. I wish I would have had a pink or another purple jeans to cut for this, but just had two pairs of shorts and will make those into bags too.
  I then went thru my stash to find purples and pinks, and found those old time veggie and fruit blocks, chose two that had the most purple in them, sewed around the edges-along the line that was already there to make the block framed, with pink thread, and then clipped that too so it would be raggy after washing.
   Then I found these little vintage squares that Sandy took apart for me-bought them at a sale, and hand stitched it to the top of that front pocket. Gave the bag a little more femine touch and the colors matched the label of the jeans that were on the back.
  Then for the handle, I did not want to sew thru 4 thickness' of jeans fabric to attach it-did that with mine-and just too hard on my good sewing machine.
  So I went thru my jeans stash again, I take off the waist bands, and found two waitbands same length-resewed the edges together (belt loops taken off first) with purple thread, and then I buttoned them together and put thru the belt loops on the bag-and yeh!! a cool handle
  I am off to show Sandy and find out what she thinks of this bag.


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