Thursday, August 9, 2012

import blog jan 07 major ice storm

Good morning all, and thanks for thinking of us.
We lost the electric around 8 pm last nite, and it came back on this morning around 9:30 am. That was a good thing!! sooo I am running around filling up all the containers and buckets I can find with more water. When you are living out in the woods on a well, and when there is no electric; that also means no water.
We are to get hit again this afternoon and nite with another inch of freezing rain. So, I feel very fortunate the electric came on so I could clean up the dishes, take a bath, etc, in case we lose it again tonight.
Just checking in real quick so you all know we are safe and warm.
Entry for January 13, 2007 Major Ice Storm here in Missouri
Entry for January 13, 2007 Major Ice Storm here in Missouri magnify
Major ice storm here in Missouri. And the weatherman says this is just the beginning, worse to come today and tomorrow.
We are FINE though. Still have electric. I am finding containers to fill up with water in case we lose it. Getting ready to make hubby biscuits and gravy for a treat for him. Larry does not like being house bound.
Anyone else in this storms path, please stay safe.
I added a bunch of pictures I took this morning in my album called snow in Missouri.-newest pictures are at the end of the album. Just click the forward button fast, til you get to the newest.

Update-around 3:30 in the afternoon.
Took lots more pictures, very beautiful outside, but erie and quiet; they are in my snow in Missouri album. We are doing fine, still have electric. The worse is yet to come they keep telling us. At least no wind right now, that is a good thing. The arctic cold is going to hit monday thru wednesday I guess. Keep ya posted, we are doing good.


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