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Entry for January 22, 2007 and day 10
Entry for January 22, 2007 and day 10 magnify
The electric just popped on today, just before dark. The crews had been working in our area since saturday. Alot of damage including the sub station for our little town.
Needless to say; it has been quite the adventure. We do still have one major problem; we lost all the pipes in the pump house. We had lost the electric in the middle of the night while sleeping, and we had near below 0 temps that night and single digits for the first few days after the ice finally stopped falling. Larry had drained everything he could in hopes to save from breakage, but with not enough electric to heat the pump house with a little heater; today when the electric came on, the water came gushing out of the well.
On the good side, we are getting a break in the cold temps, and will be in the fortys and finally some sunshine a few days this week. So, hopefully Larry won't have trouble putting it all back together. He said all the fittings blew off the pipes etc, quite a mess. The pump house was on our "to do" list this spring to redo the walls with thicker insulation, and change all the plastic pipes to copper or steel. This is exactly why Larry dislikes plastic for plumbing.
Our 20 year old generator that we brought with us from Illinois, came thru for us. Larry had to do a few things to it, to get it to run, but it ran the fan for the wood stove so we could stay warmer, and ran a little tv for a couple hours at night. I also ran the electric to save my main freezer on a couple of days.
We were in better shape than most. We have our wood stove for heat, also set up to cook outside if we needed to, but I have a Wolf 10 burner gas stove-commercial- that we converted to propane.(Larry found this for me about 15 years ago for $750.00, I told him my stove goes with us where ever we go-as does our wood stove-hehe) So00, I could cook and bake, it was just difficult to keep things sanitary since I had to boil all the water we used for washing dishes, and washing up -we caught buckets of water from the melt down off the roof.
I was surprised to learn that almost everyone we knew had a totally electric house-for everything. I am a country girl and I would never do that. So they were in the worse shape as they had to figure out how to cook outdoors, and how to stay warm.
We did get another storm that moved in over the weekend predicting up to 8 inches of snow and more ice on sunday. Luckily the temps stayed in the 30's thru the day and night while it came down. I think we got close to 5 inches but it was heavy wet and slushy, so melted as it came down. That was a great relief. However, with the meltdown that started on friday, the town of Lebanon lost its electric again thru out most of down town. They had most of it up again that evening.
Quite an experience for us all, and the recovery is not yet complete. I must say that this area of the ozarks had their emergency plans figured out well before all this happened. fema was here right after the storm; helping to set up warming stations, shelters, water, food, firewood, kerosene, etc. Alot of people worked together with emergency assistance.
Oh and check at end of my Snow in Missouri album for latest ice storm pictures. I lost alot of pictures as the photo card finally died on me. We had a spare but it only held a few pictures, and as I was taking pictures it was erasing ones I had already taken, before I realized it. Did get a few good shots though.
Entry for January 20, 2007-still surviving-I am here!!
I am here!! Hubby has the generator on the computer, just long enough so I can pay our bills. so won't be able to read messages, etc. so just a quick update
still no electric, so no water. We are surviving ok though. have a little generator to use at night so can put the fan on to have heat off the wood stove. My big main freezer still doing good.
I have been collecting water off the roof when ever we get a little sun for melting, for flushing toilets, and for boiling to wash dishes etc.
Agnes-thank you sooo much for the card and little painting, it came yesterday, a big lift of my spirits. won't be able to finish up my cards til I get electric though.
thats it for now those of you on B&B and Sonjas postcard group, please tell my friends there I am ok.
another BIG storm coming in tonight so don't know when we will have electric again
Love ya all -bye til next post


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