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import blog herbs of the civil war

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All this week and then with the main events happening this weekend:  the reenactment of the second major battle of the civil war at Wilson Creek Springfield Mo will be held. They are expecting over 80,000 people to attend this event.

This got me to thinking about herbs and such that were used during this time period.
I found this article for the civil war kitchen garden here
Civil War Medicine at Home here  this is an excellent find with several pages of information of herbs and their uses-even includes a page of wive tales
An article on Civil War nurses here
Interview of a confederate surgeon and the herbs he used here
and I learned that comfrey was used to dress and heal wounds and broken bones on the battlefields
Searching for information for this post, I ran into many books on this subject as well
and if you live in the New England Area there is a Garden in the Woods at Framingham, Ma with herbs planted that were used during the civil war here  This was one of several that I ran into, all commemorating the 150th anniversary of our Civil War


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