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Import Blog Herbs Jewelwood

  I am excited about this one, as we have poison ivy growing everywhere here, I just try to stay out of it, and jewelweed is natures answer to this. Grandma Gardener did an excellent post on this one a while back, and she was so generous to send me some seeds. After all this rains stop, I want to find a spot to plant it.
as always good information here
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Jewelweed is a plant that is going to grow in wetter conditions, such as near a stream.
poison ivy treatment
How to use Jewelweed...
Pick a bunch, crush it, and rub it on exposed parts of your body that might come in contact or have already come in contact with poison ivy. It is a juicy plant.
It is more effective before the oils set into your skin that cause the rash.
Knowledge of jewelweed coupled with awareness is the true poison ivy remedy.

Jewelweed ideas...
  • Collect a bunch of jewelweed and make a tea. That is, bring a pot of water to a boil (4 cups or so), put the jewelweed in (chop a large handful), and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then strain it out.
  • You can bath in this tea, just treat the affected area OR freeze it into ice cubes.
  • You can apply the ice to exposed areas or areas that are already suffering from the rash.
  • Transplant some jewelweed to a wetter area of your yard, such as by a pond. It is beautiful!

I have never been able to identify this, I am thinking now it may grow near creek bottoms here
Information here too
I also looked for recipes for making jewelweed soap:  towards the bottom of this page is the jewelweed   this is a forum with good information
another discussion here
found these soaps online

Jewelweed Soap


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