Saturday, August 11, 2012

Import Blog Herbs in Olive OIl

With the coming of spring, brings fresh salads and vegetables once again; either from your garden or your farmers market
I never liked alot of dressing on my salads, or much extra fuss like sauces over my veggies, but I do enjoy fresh herbs or a blending of herbs infused in olive oils with a dash of balsamic vinegar or a red wine vinegar.
When you make these, make a small amount that you can use up within a week, and then make fresh. Also very important to store in refrigerator.
I found this really nice site with information on how to make it

Found this home version for rosemary and garlic in olive oil

As for making the oil this is what I was given:
Use clear bottles that will show off the Rosemary.
Thick glass bottles. Thin may shatter too easily when sterilizing.
Clean and thououghly wash the bottle using hot water.
Boil the bottles to sterilize.
In a sauce pan heat the olive oil to 150-160(use a thermometer to obtain the correct temperatures. heating oil above 145 will kill most bacteria. Do not heat the oil above 212 because this is the boiling poing of water and will wilt and cook the rosemary.
Fill the bottle with the Rosemary and Garlic(1pod or suit to your taste)
Pour olive oil to fill the bottle.
The garlic in the bottle can rancid the oil. Use the contents within 2 months.

Caution: Storing at room temperature any oil with herbs or other foodstuffs in them can cause botulism. It is critical that herb oils be stored in the refrigerator
another similiar recipe here
at the bottom of this article-some nice herb blends for ideas


And I found this article-to just make up a small batch; enough for dinner     good idea as well, and no worries about your oils going bad this way.


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