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Since I am putting up apples this week, I decided I will do a search on apple mint.
This one will definately take over your entire garden if you don't control it by growing in big pots, or just digging up and giving away, or throwing extras on your compost pile-from experience this is an awesome plant-but will definately rule your garden if you are not the one in control-lol
A little background info here
and here too

Apple Mint Plant

Mentha suaveolens

To add extra zip to peas, just before serving, or potatoes, or the most flavoursome mint sauce you ever did taste. You can grow in pots on the window sill in the kitchen for regular sprigs. Helps to deter flies in the kitchen in Summer.
Thrives in most soil types.
Supplied as a pot grown plant grown in a 7cm pot.

from here
This is a very cool site with a list of recipes with herbs. It is not set up so I can copy and paste-scroll down to the mints and you will find an apple mint julep recipe
    Uses:It is used mainly for culinary purposes and its milder taste makes it ideal for use in fruit salads and fruit cups and punches. Dried apple mint leaves retain their scent and make excellent pot pourri.
    Legends:In ancient Greece it was the custom to perfume every part of the body with a different scent; mint was used on the arms.
Medicinal: Mint leaves are said to relive the pain caused by bee and wasp stings.
found here  they indicated this was not real invasive-however mine took over completely in just a couple seasons
Apple Mint, also referred to by my kids as "Fuzzy Mint," is an old fashioned standard. We love our "Fuzzy Mint!" Try bruising the leaves and letting them rest in your pitcher of ice water for a refreshing treat. We make our favorite tea with Apple Mint and Chamomile. It relaxes the mind and the tummy! The leaves of this plant can be used to make Apple mint jelly, as well as a flavoring in dishes such as Apple mint couscous. It is also often used as a garnish, or in salads. Easy to grow, can be invasive. Folks with small yards should consider growing Apple Mint in a container or raised bed.
this excerpt was from here
most any recipe you have including mint-try some apple mint too


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