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another lavender pillow :
Lavender Pillows
Use of lavender as a calming, soporific herb goes way back in history. Today herbalist tout its use as a remedy for sleeplessness, colds, flu, bronchitis, and tonsillitis. Modern studies have even shown that lavender has a relaxing and sedative effect on mice. Thus the prevalent use of lavender in "dream" pillows for centuries. To make a lavender pillow use muslin, cotton, or silk to construct a small pillow in any shape you wish. A elongated rectangle works well. Fill the pillow with lavender flower buds (calyxes) or, make a mix of one part lavender with one part hop flowers. Rosemary leaves, dried marjoram, or sweet cicely leaves can also be added. If you desire a stronger scent of lavender add a few drops of essential oil. Add an equal amount of flax seed to make the pillow heavier and smoother. Use the pillow over the eyes or draped across the neck.
(The Lavender Garden, Robert Kourik)   from here
from same site-how to dry your lavender: 
Drying: Many people tell us that they dry their lavender and that the fragrance lasts for many months. Just hang the bunch upside down away from direct sunlight. The more air movement the better and sooner it will dry. Once dry the bunch can be stood upright if you wish.
A great place to hang your lavender is in your closet. The bunch will dry nicely and your clothes will smell great.
Here is a knitted eye pillow tutorial:,,DIY_14141_5284293,00.html
One last bit of information on sleep pillows
In olden times a beautiful remedy for insomnia was to sleep on a pillow filled with herbs known to promote restful sleep. The most popular herbal sleep pillow is a lavender herbal pillow. Lavender produces one of the most popular and aromatic essential oils and is known for its wide ranging therapeutic benefits from insect bites and burns to headaches, circulation problems and insomnia.

A herbal pillow uses the same principles as aromatherapy which is a method of promoting physical and emotional well-being through the inhalation of essential oils that have been extracted from flowering plants.

When essential oils are inhaled the evaporated molecules are taken up by receptor cells that transmit electro-chemical messages to the limbic part of the brain, which controls emotions and the nuero-endocrine functioning of the physiology. Essential oils evoke memories and alter moods by waking up or calming and restoring the emotions. Ancient physicians, including the Greek physician Hippocrates, recognized the therapeutic effects of essential oils and prescribed some aroma oils for their soothing properties and others for their stimulating properties.

Lavender essential oils are used to balance the emotions and relieve stress and anxiety.

Hence a lavender herbal pillow is a soothing remedy for insomnia or sleeplessness. A herbal sleep pillow is made by filling a bag of fine linen with enough herbs to make the pillow plump. Or if you would prefer, you can make a flat herbal pillow to insert on top of a regular pillow by stitching channels into the linen bag and stuffing the herbs into each narrow channel.
What activates the scent of the lavender is the heat of the body as well as the weight of the body which crushes the herbs together releasing the essential oils into the air. When the essential oils are inhaled they active the brain functioning creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. Other herbs with relaxing properties can be added to the pillow such as hops cones, lemon balm leaves, chamomiles flowers and rose petals. The therapeutic benefits of each of these herbs is listed below:
Lavender: Balances the emotions, reduces stress, tension and conflicts. It lifts the spirits and yet relaxes both the mind and the body.
Chamomile: A remedy for insomnia, nightmares and nervous afflictions. It is soothing and creates balance.
Hops Cones: Relieves insomnia, tension, restlessness and agitation. It is valued as a tonic with soothing and relaxing properties.
Lemon Balm Leaves: A remedy for melancholia and nervousness. It is cooling, relieves headaches and female complaints, lifts the spirits and strengthens the brain.
Rose Petals: Known as the flower of love. It creates feeling of joy and fulfillment.


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