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Planting an Herb Dye Garden           Mar 4, '09 6:29 PM
for everyone

I found this site that has a really good read in general for getting started with an herb garden
I found this chart for a dye garden plant list
Here is a short history of the dye plants from the same site
Good information here too
I found another list:
The Weaver’s Shop Dye GardenLocation: Behind the Weaver’s Shop, Back end of the Print Shop

Dyes derived from plants such as those growing in the Weavers Shop Dye Garden were used to create the warm and bright colours in woolen materials. Here are some examples of plants and the colours they yielded:

1. Solomon's Seal(p); Green
2. Artimesia (p) ; Yellow, Green
3. Peony(p); Brown Copper
4. Calendula(a); Orange, Grey
5. Weld(a); Yellow, Tan
6. Gypsy Wort(p); Black
7. Blue Iris(p); Beige, Green
8. Indigo(a); Blue
9. Golden Marguerite(p); Gold, Brown
10. Tansy(p); Green-grey
11. Madder Root(p); Coral, Mauve
12. St.John's Wort(p); Yellow, Bronze
13. Bed Straw(p); Yellow, Red, Orange, Tan
14. Blood Root(p); Red, Orange, Tan
15. Fever Few(p); Yellow, Beige, Grey
16. Cosmos(a); Yellow, Brown
17. Black-eyed Susan(p); Green, Brown
18. Geranium(a); Tan, Brown
19. Coreopsis(a); Orange, Red
20. Privet(p); Yellow, Brown
21. Woad(p); Blue

Good information here too
Photos I found searching the web; dye stuffs, and natural dyed yarns

oh and I found this very informative blog about mordants.  I have done alot of reading the past couple days on the subject, especially for cottons,  and this one is excellent-learned about a new method for cotton and about a new book.
My blog today was to give you more ideas of other uses for herbs, do add some colors to your herb garden


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