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Jun 22, '09 10:21 AM
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One of the things I really wanted to bring back from Indiana was bars of fels naptha. I grew up with this as it is used as a pre treament on stains in your laundry, and was always used to scrub down with after going into the woods and or getting into poison ivy. Was also used back then in the garage after doing mechanic work.
I have not been able to buy it since I moved away from home in '67, and wanted to pick it up to use as the grated soap in my homemade laundry recipes. It is still available at most local grocery stores near my mom.
I bought 10 bars and my mom gave me the 3 bars she had on hand. At the check out he says what are you going to do with all this soap? I said I am taking these bars back home to Missouri with me to make my own laundry soap. and he says mmmm seems like alot of people are doing that now.
Information about Fels naptha:
and this is an interesting article, it is a review and for some reason the person reviewing it thought it was a hand soap which it is not. I included this because it describes the soap well
This article also suggests its use in your garden
When I had my bag of soap in the car I could really smell the strong perfume smell, which I did not remember it having. It was hot and I had alot of it, so will let you know how I like it when I use it. The Kirks soap I am using now is a very pure soap and also has some perfume added-which I really don't care for, but has not created any allergic reactions-so thats a good thing.
and here is a good discussion on its many uses
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