Monday, August 6, 2012

import blog feb 08 Larrys room

Feb 7, '08 12:30 PM
for Kathy's friends & their friends and Kathy's family & their family

       Isn't this a gorgeous floor? I really love it, Larry has just about 1/2 of it put down. We bought the whole floor for 86.00 at a garage sale, wasn't sure if that was a good deal or not, til we found it at the store for 150.00 a box and we have at least 8 to 10 boxes.
Do any of you know how to take care of this floor? it is oak parque, what kind of sealer do I need to put down? I have never had one of these before.thanks
  I got alot filed away in my craft room today and yesterday too, can finally see my desk top-lol I filled 3 file drawers full of patterns and info on quilting and weaving and such.
  Later, am off to do my chores and get some beef stew started


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