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Import Blog critter story

Blog EntryDec 17, '08 3:48 PM
for everyone

  I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon so I was running a little late taking Nikita out for her daily walk. We usually go out around 2:30 pm or so-and Nikita knows the time-lol
  Its a little after 3 pm and Nikita is knocking on the door to come in-which wakes me up-and I realize she is really coming in to get me for our walk together. Outside her gate (which is the front of our home) are our 2 cats-our older Calico and little Autumn. They are looking for their afternoon treats (which I moved up til now instead of after supper since it is dark then-and I want them safe in the barn), and mostly Autumn just wants a little hug or  to help me with some more wood gathering.
  So I give them their treats, and Nikita is getting all upset, and then I feed the wildbirds, and play with Autumn a bit-so now Nikita is really feeling left out.
   So I put her on her leash and tell her again-no going after the cats, and I shorten her leash alot-well she grabs little Autumn, and then after that goes after Calico which she usually doesn't do, and I sit her down and have a "talk" with her about no going after the cats. too funny-
   So we go for our walk-and who is following us all over? first Calico and behind her Autumn-really too funny. the cats have never gone with us before on our walk.
   We get back to the house, and I look over by the pond-and there is Calico walking to the edge of the ice out a pretty far distance to drink water-we have and aerator in the middle of the pond-so the middle does not freeze. I couldn't believe her out there on the thin ice like that-as it really is not that thick-and the pond is deep. I go to get a camera, but by the time I get back outside she is safely back on the edge of the pond. She gave me a bit of a fright-
   Just thought I would share my adventure with the critters this afternoon-lol


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