Saturday, August 11, 2012

Import Blog cold winter

Blog EntryNov 15, '08 3:06 PM
for everyone

 Our friends, all made it in safely late yesterday afternoon.  Did lots of feasting and catching up last night.
  Extreme wind still, and going down to the 20s tonight, but the hunters have been out most of the day. Not me-too cold for me-lol
  On a very sad note, my little kitty Autumn was missing yesterday morning, fearing the worst-a wild animal got him or maybe even a hawk-we figured we lost him. Larry found him in the shop this morning-but Autumn was really beaten up badly by some wild critter. he did come out of hiding for me this afternoon and ate the treat I gave him. Too cold to clean him up so next warmer day will clean him up with some peroxide. His one eye is very bad-he must have put up quite a struggle to get away, and he is off balance now too.
      So very depressing.I didn't see any open wounds.
   enjoy your weekend friends


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