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Blog EntryOct 22, '08 4:10 PM
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Black bear Pictures, Images and Photos   We needed to  go to town this morning and when we pulled into our place up to the house, Larry saw a big brown animal get spooked and take off into the woods. He is thinking it could be one of the small black bears that are here in Missouri. Larry has hunted just about everything in his lifetime and he has hunted bear-so he is pretty sure that is what it is.
   Missouri conservation has acknowledged now that the bears are here, as are the cougars. Now the cougars we know for sure are here-and since they are in our woods here for sure, I haven't gone out on my walks deep in our woods by myself any more. This has been 2 years now.
  So early this afternoon, I took Nikita out for our walk, and we walked up behind the back pond, kinda where Larry saw the bear take off into the woods. Well, all of a sudden Nikita stopped-sniffed the air-and started growling-which she does not do very often. She usually howls instead little warnings. Well, now I am getting a little scared so I tell Nikita she is a good girl but I wanta go home Now!-lol


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