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Import Blog The "Baby" is Home

Blog EntryApr 22, '09 8:18 PM
for Kathy's friends

Last night late we got the call from the dealer that he won the bid and bought our dozer back for just under 10 grand. However, he was insisting we share the loss and pay several thousand dollars-wrong! 
Larry was professional, firm, and controlled-I was proud of him. We are the victim here period. Either deliver our dozer back to us or we will be in court.
Around noonish he calls again this morning "Well have you thought about what we talked about last night-sharing the loss?" Wrong answer-bring my dozer now, or don't-let me know what you are doing-this is the last phone conversation.
Longer story short-the dozer was released to be moved from the salvage co today, and he sent his man to drop it off to us around 3 this afternoon-with papers showing it was no longer stolen, bought back by the dealer, and given back to us at no charge. 
 three weeks of stress finally over. and Larry's dozer is parked where it should be
I also appreciate all of you, my friends, that have prayed with me, sent zen thoughts, and positive thoughts during this "life challenge" hugs
I took these photos. Our driveway is quite long, probably 1/2 mile or so, so too far for Larry to walk so I dropped him off at the end of the driveway-he wouldn't let me stay. However I waited for him to come down the driveway.


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