Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Entry for August 26, 2006 and smoked venison tenderloin
Update on Smoker
Well our friend Jim dropped by, and he knows lots about smoking, so I asked him a few questions, the main one-how do you know when the meat is done?? He said it works our real well 30 minutes per pound of meat. Also to keep the temp at the high end of Ideal on the gauge.
Well, just checked my tenderloin-and it turned out perfect. My friend Paul would even be proud of me as it is still just a tad pink in the middle. as it sits will be perfect for us. I just tried a piece-Yummm!!!-My new food toy-the smoker hehe
Jim just checked out my tenderloin and he said I did a perfect job, just the right amount of smoke. He said to mostly use the apple or a fruit wood, and then at the end add a little hickory but  not too much or it will give you a stomach ache. I think I added oak at the end, most of the wood looks the same to me,  but i do keep our apple seperate and use just for smoking now. When it is smoking you can definately tell it is a fruit wood.


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