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Blog EntrySep 25, '07 11:43 PM
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We have been busy all day today. I washed up these shelves-they were saved from our previous business up in Illinois. Larry put this wall of shelving up today. I am going to also have him put up one shelf up high on a couple more walls-will be good for bags of batting, and weaving yarns.
Oh and we dug out this cabinet we bought a couple years ago for 20.00 It is really an interesting piece, Larry started stripping looks like cherry.-cool. I will use this in our bedroom or my craftroom We also dug out one of those very old all steel filing cabinets-Larry will paint that too and will go in my craft room. great place for all the quilting patterns I tear out of magazines-lol
The view of the shelving-will have my desk sitting in front of this with enough room to walk around it, and I will figure out a design wall, probably on the wall where the bird stencil is. thinking of setting up a rod and then will hang the flannel over when I need it.
Here are some pictures


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