Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hump Day Handmade-Tissue Papered Walls

Or in this case DIY handmade. I thought I would share some links
on the how to of using tissue paper to faux design your walls.

I am using purchase tissue paper packets that I bought at my
big box store Lowes a few years ago and a tub of wallpaper
paste. I looked to buy more of the paper and they no longer 
carry it, but alot of the tutorials mention any tissue paper.

I think regular tissue paper though is really thin, so you would
need to be more careful with it. Mine is thicker, and it still will
tear on me.

Some tutorials use paint to stick the paper on the walls. What I am
doing is a primed the walls first than I paint with a brush (I don't
do rollers) the wallpaper paste onto a section. I tear pieces of
the tissue paper that have been crumpled up tightly, and then
overlap the next piece. 

I tried using the large sheet as it was, but too difficult for me
to manage. When the wall is finished I will prime again, and
then paint, and then play with glazes, and stencils. and then
use a special product to seal it all.

Here are some links  from here

  from here

from here  and here   I like to get a general idea of the technique and then just "do it" and have fun with it. These projects are allot of work-but I find them fun and a creative outlet too


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