Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hi all

       I have completed my task of bringing over allot of my information blogs. I went thru them one by one, and deleted most;. went down memory lane of blogging since 2007.they were from 360 and then to multiply. multiply has been sold and the blogging is being shut down in december.

I have not checked out my settings here on blogger for over 5 years at least. and in there I discovered they have an import tool-oh wow that would have saved me allot of time lol   that is ok though I enjoyed the process of going thru them.

   So, I believe I am finally set in my new blog world. I hope to be able to get connected with friends here, allot of times on this site I get no interaction from my blog posts, so that is pretty lonely at times. I understand that though, and have decided to blog also on blogster. It has very old software so not able to blog the way I am use to-easily post lots of information and share recipes and hand dyed fabrics and such-so I will be doing that here. I have a way to tag my posts so we can all find information here too. I love that and is important to me-I need to be able to organize some what.

so needless to say this has been a long week-with very long hours on the computer-I am glad I am all set now.

so what's up?? I will be getting back to working on my faux walls in my bathroom-photos soon


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