Monday, August 13, 2012

Healthy Mondays

Good morning Monday,

   I like to share healthy on Mondays on occasion Here in the ozarks we are beginning to feel that fall air come in, we are still in the 90s most days now but early in the morning and the evening we can start to feel the change-a welcome change here, since we have had such an extreme summer

     With September coming that reminds me of apples.

Eating Well is one of my go to sites for healthier recipes   tip with apples

EarTwiggles has a fun page of apple recipes for kids

I took this photo a couple of years ago when I had an abundance of apples given to me. I  canned, dried, juiced, and made several pies to freeze.  The dried apples make up into healthy snacks, and they also make awesome pies. I always love to can sliced apples in a very very light syrup using organic sugar or honey or the stevia sugar blend.  These taste awesome just warmed up and sprinkled with baking spice or cinnamon..  I am hoping we can find some fresh apples soon at the Amish produce auction near here.

If you like to share a healthy Mondays post-just post to your blog and send me a link in comments.  have an awesome Monday.


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