Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good morning Thursday

 Did any of you watch Dallas last night? It was really good-can't believe I am watching this show again though lol
  I have been watching the olympics alot this year and really enjoying it-my favorties to follow has been Misty and Kerri in beach volleyball-they are so awesome! and they won their 3rd straight olympic gold last night-so thrilled for them.
   It really is so upsetting to lose one's blog jounal home. When I first retired I learned about the blog world and was hooked-met so many wonderful people thru the years. But life is always full of changes so we need to flow with it all. I spent soooo much time and energy yesterday on this that I am just tired today. I need to get back into projects here at home that need attending to-catch up on laundry, and back to my faux walls.
   Need to take a break on decision making for my blogging and just "go with it"
Have a great day all


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