Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Morning Monday-Grits for Breakfast

Wow! I was beginning to wonder if we were permanently stuck in the 98 to 106 degrees for weather here. Been this way since early May and barely a rain drop. Mother nature will be kind to us this week-temperatures in the mid 90s and lows at night in the 60s-whoo hoo happy dancing here.
When I paint walls I don't like rollers, so I use a brush. I painted two coats of primer on one wall yesterday, then was so anxious to try out the tissue paper technique-and had to stop due to pain in these bones. I know better-but when I get into a project I go top throttle-lol
anyways major sore last night, and still pretty stiff this morning. Did my morning "chores" to get loosened up and now I think I will make me a big bowl of grits to get me going this morning. I have some fresh sorgham from this area too-which I love on my grits.
I think today I will start on the bottom of the wall and work up-will give my neck a break that way. Would love to complete this wall before my Indiana trip-as the time will really fly by now, with the break in temps heading into fall. When I get back we need cut, split, and stack our heat source for winter.
Congrats to all of the amazing olympians-some exciting events over the weekend. and big congrats to the nasa team-I know they were so concerned about the landing going well-yeah! so glad it worked for them.
Have an awesome new week everyone


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