Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back Home from Indiana-my home state

     Usually when I spend my week with Mom in Indiana, I bring along a quilt project. This year I mailed off a big bag of my 1 ½” strips to sew together into strips of threes and then cut into 1 “ blocks, then sew into a 9 patch.  I had imagined  getting  much accomplished, like we had in years past.
   We worked on this project for the first few days until I finally realized that quilting was now too hard, too difficult for my Mom to grasp. Her dementia has worsened quite a bit since last September. She no longer knows how to use her sewing machine-the sewing machine she has used for over 10 years to make many gorgeous quilts. She no longer can grasp what light and darks in fabrics mean. She could not grasp that I wanted 9 different fabrics in my 9 patch block-not 5 of one color and 4 of another color fabric-the traditional way a 9 patch is sewn. We spent a lot of time ripping out seams one day, and I decided that evening when she was sleeping to pick up this project and put back into my bag, Mom didn’t notice that I had picked up the quilt fabric til a day and half later.
   What was really startling to me; I had a cousin on the Jones side of the family that stopped by to visit and to look thru old photos. She didn’t have any photos of our grandparents. This album contained both sides of the family and lots of photos of my mom and dad and me when I was a toddler thru 7 years old or so. Mom pointed  at her photo-who’s that?? So far this is the first incident I have come across that she did not recognize people.-this was especially sad.
  My brother had told me beforehand that this would be a special trip.
We didn’t do alot of things outside of her home, but we did have a couple very fun days. I love Shipshewana Indiana. It is an amish community with many shops, and one very large bulk food store that I wish was here where I live. The 4 of us-mom and me and my brother and his wife spent the whole day enjoying our favorite restaurant and shops. My brother took a couple of photos which I will post once he sends them to me: I had him take a photo for Nemo-all of our pies-lol
  Another day I met a new friend of Moms, who picks her up and takes her to church and also to bible study class. I didn’t have a way to get to the post office, since it closed before my brother got home from work, so I asked her if she could take me, and then we’d all go out to lunch. So that was a nice day too. Her friend is about the same age as Mom, yet she can still drive and do things for herself.
  On my last day there, we had a couple family members stop by. The most special one was my favorite cousin from childhood. We had gone our separate ways, I moved away from the area years ago, and wow had it really been 40 years?? My brother “tracked” her down, and we got together. We could not stop talking and catching up-a very special day.
  I had a good bus trip both going and returning home. For once the buses were not packed so I didn’t have to share a double seat-made the trip so much nicer.  I packed up lots of boxes-all of moms sewing patterns, most of her cookbooks, and two heavy boxes of foods from the amish store. A good trip for all of us.


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