Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Long Day at the Computer

  Well, if any of you have read my last blog; multiply is closing down. Multiply is where my friends from yahoo 360 are-for the past 10 years. This latest closing is turning into a real stresser. We thought we found a nice community at blogster-but finding out their software for the site is ancient-and thus many tech issues. and for some one like me who is ra egular blogger that shares information I need a way to categorize my pages-and there is no way to do that.

    I am deleting all my stuff off of the multiply site, and saving a few things like some of my herb blogs and bringing them here.  So please excuse all these extra posts.

   I think I will seriously blog here now. I have had this site set up ever since 360 went down so I could connect with my quilt friends, who don't blog as much as I do-lol so it gets really lonely here with little interaction. I am hoping this will change if I become more active here.

   These closings are always so sad cause people go to all different sites. many are on fb and I won't go there-period.  So for now, I have given my page here a new look and use this site for my serious blogging-hoping to find new friends along the way.

  I also have a web page that I just activated the blog and the forum    i set up the forum for all to post-stop by and say hi. click on the other tab in the upper right hand corner which will open up other areas in my site-forum is there


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