Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Extreme Heat is Exhausting

I really do try not to dwell on the weather-mother nature does her thing-so it is what it is. We are from the upper midwest so we enjoy all the seasons, got tired though of the extreme winters-especially for our retirement years so moved south.

Larry in his younger years owned lots of land in arkansas on Bull Shoals where it was much more humid and much hotter, built a log cabin there and loved it. He was going thru a nasty divorce so he gave the land back to the owner so he wouldn't lose it in the divorce-afterward-the owner died. Since he had no heirs this land is now part of the state park system which is a good thing-long story short he always love the people in this area so decided Missouri would be a nice place to live, and a little cooler than Arkansas

It is beautiful here, we have all the seasons, usually do not go thru extreme winters, but the summers here seem to get extreme about every 10 years. This one especially-we had no winter, had a very hot spring-in the 90s, and now these 100s will not go away, no rain so everything has now burnt up-I am SICK of it.

Every morning at first light Larry is out in the elements trying to get our chevy truck (with over 500,000 miles on her) running again. This week the high humidity has returned and it was over 80 degrees when he went out-he just came in over heated-not good. did I say I am SICK of this weather. I know nothing -- I can do about it-but enough is enough! It is like we are trapped inside our homes, just like we were during the severe winters.

and thats another thing-since most of us had no winter to speak of are we now to expect old man winter to be exteme? i am thinking so-as soon as this weather breaks we need to get lots of wood cut so we will be warm this winter-

another thing going on, I need to make the long bus trip up to Indiana to visit my mom. I am really not wanting to go this year. her dimentia is getting worse by the day, I need to be mentally ready to handle living a week up there with her. and the greyhound bus has really raised its prices this year by alot of money-over 100.00 and the discounted price instead of buying a week in advance now needs to be purchased over 2 weeks in advance-

I need a creative project today--more soap making, and I think I will see what I have in fruit to either make sugar free jam for Larry or perhaps some brandy--brandy sounds good about now


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