Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Peach Time lol

My neighbor friend down the road just brought me a gift-how cool is that?? I was taking care of her plants while she was out of town, so this was a big thank you gift. So thank you you these are greatly appreciated!

These are sooo delicious too, they came in at market where she was, and the peaches were from southern illinois. I peeled up as many as would fit into one of my big pottery bowls-and it filled 14 wide mouth pints perfectly-as if I had counted them out-now that does not happen too often.

I posted a link to the time table for pressure canning these. My mom always canned everything in the pressure canner-so decided to try it out-this way I could get the whole batch done at once. My big canner holds 14 pints.

There was enough peaches left that I have ready to make a batch of peach jam for Larry using no sugar and the no sugar pectin. That I will need to set up the water bath canner for. The jam with this method cooks up super fast-so once I get the pressure canner emptied and off the stove I will set up for the jam. This is the fastest I have ever gotton 14 pints out of the canner for fruit- Mom says she loves them this way-so hoping these don't get too soft.


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