Friday, July 20, 2012

Good morning Thursday

My brother sent me the cutest cartoon, Hot outside? but it won't copy and paste, and when I found it online same thing. here is a link to it If you are suffering from these extreme temps too-found this funny.

My mini garden doesn' look too bad considering the weather and the critters. The deer were back into my sweet potato plants again, and I found damage on my hot peppers-some critter was eating them-like about 6 of them-half gone-grasshoppers? The shady area where my squash plants and sweet potatoes are-I now find loaded with flys mosquitos which I found odd. but on the news here they said more spiders than usual were getting into homes because they were looking for relief from these constant 100s every day.

Not sure what I am up to today, I was really tired from the heat yesterday. I am out of laundry soap so need to make that this week-I usually need to make it in september so I guess I have done more laundry these past 6 months. My big 5 gallon pail of handmade laundry soap lasts me 6 months usually-and I seem to do alot of laundry out here in the woods.

Off to make me a cup of tea-and get motivated for our early walk this morning.


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