Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Tuesday has Arrived-Catch Up

We had a little bit of rain thru the night-not a soaker by any means, but enough to just dampen the top soil-so a little rain is still better than none at all
"Our" wild turkey flock is back every day now-usually early morning. The are really fun to watch. I am now scattering a coffee can full of corn thru out the backyard and towards the clothes line. So this has been a bright spot in our day. Last night we were visited by the doe and her fawn-at the bird feeders. The doe saw the tv thru the window-and then took off with her baby.
I thought I had gotton rid of my teas with caffeine last november. I gave them to one of our friends that was here hunting. Yesterday I had a cup of tea, and I hadn't realized it til this morning-but it was full of caffeine, and did I ever pay the price for it. My body goes nuts with caffeine now. So this morning I am enjoying a cup of red tea with roobos.
I had planned on working in the bathroom yesterday, but got sidetracked from a phone call. Seems one of the utilities was turned on in our property in Illinois, unknown to us. So of course since we are the property owners we are stuck with the bill-was I ever worked up over that-of course the caffeine added to it-lol after an hour with the company nothing resolved except I am stuck with the bill, and get this I can not protect myself from this happening again-they said they can not turn down service to anyone- that place so needs to go away-if not sold by november we will lose it all to taxes, if I could pay for the taxes I would do that and find someone to give the property to.
I have been really enjoying the olympics this year. I turn it on during the day, and catch events that are interesting-like water polo, fencing, archery, shooting, and more. I do watch in the evening too if it is something I am interested in. Tonight will be good, I was very unhappy with the mens gymnastics last night-they were just not mentally prepared for the events.
I also blocked someone on my post last night about the mens gymnastics-wow was he ever rude-he was a friend of one of my friends-so had no business being rude on my pages-with his third comment-I blocked him-I don't and won't put up with drama any longer on my pages. I got the courage to control my pages from friends Sea Nymph and Mama Bear-so thanks you two for that. This is my journal after all.
Decided to do a catch up on laundry this morning-wow it is sooo hot already-the little bit of rain added to the humidity-we are headed to 106 degrees again-actual temps. August is usually the hottest month here so I guess we will be getting no break til fall. The deer came in last night and really tore up my squash plants this time-my little sweet dumplings were ripped off the plants-sigh I have been continuing to water a few things but by the time I leave for a week at the end of the month-I think I will pull what ever is left so Larry does not need to water much.
Another sign of extreme conditions-this week all of my nectar feeders for the hummingbirds are being taken over completely by the little bees. I need to have Larry look at them and see if they are someone's honey bees. I hate to stop feeding the hummers, but the bees are keeping them away from their feeders-so will not re fill them this week.
I had picked another fresh zucchini, so I took out a package of frozen bananas-and made two gluten free breads-I used a cup of shredded zucchini and two bananas for each bread, and also threw in a handful of dark chocolate chips-turned out sooo yummy. I froze most of it.
I need to see where I am at with my large soap order for mother in law-and get her order ready to ship-which I am thinking won't be til september. No action on my web site yet, I did have one sale on my etsy soap shop-so that was encouraging. Hopefully this fall things will perk up.
Off to put another load on the clothes line-have an awesome day.


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