Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Tuesday has Arrived-Catch Up

We had a little bit of rain thru the night-not a soaker by any means, but enough to just dampen the top soil-so a little rain is still better than none at all
"Our" wild turkey flock is back every day now-usually early morning. The are really fun to watch. I am now scattering a coffee can full of corn thru out the backyard and towards the clothes line. So this has been a bright spot in our day. Last night we were visited by the doe and her fawn-at the bird feeders. The doe saw the tv thru the window-and then took off with her baby.
I thought I had gotton rid of my teas with caffeine last november. I gave them to one of our friends that was here hunting. Yesterday I had a cup of tea, and I hadn't realized it til this morning-but it was full of caffeine, and did I ever pay the price for it. My body goes nuts with caffeine now. So this morning I am enjoying a cup of red tea with roobos.
I had planned on working in the bathroom yesterday, but got sidetracked from a phone call. Seems one of the utilities was turned on in our property in Illinois, unknown to us. So of course since we are the property owners we are stuck with the bill-was I ever worked up over that-of course the caffeine added to it-lol after an hour with the company nothing resolved except I am stuck with the bill, and get this I can not protect myself from this happening again-they said they can not turn down service to anyone- that place so needs to go away-if not sold by november we will lose it all to taxes, if I could pay for the taxes I would do that and find someone to give the property to.
I have been really enjoying the olympics this year. I turn it on during the day, and catch events that are interesting-like water polo, fencing, archery, shooting, and more. I do watch in the evening too if it is something I am interested in. Tonight will be good, I was very unhappy with the mens gymnastics last night-they were just not mentally prepared for the events.
I also blocked someone on my post last night about the mens gymnastics-wow was he ever rude-he was a friend of one of my friends-so had no business being rude on my pages-with his third comment-I blocked him-I don't and won't put up with drama any longer on my pages. I got the courage to control my pages from friends Sea Nymph and Mama Bear-so thanks you two for that. This is my journal after all.
Decided to do a catch up on laundry this morning-wow it is sooo hot already-the little bit of rain added to the humidity-we are headed to 106 degrees again-actual temps. August is usually the hottest month here so I guess we will be getting no break til fall. The deer came in last night and really tore up my squash plants this time-my little sweet dumplings were ripped off the plants-sigh I have been continuing to water a few things but by the time I leave for a week at the end of the month-I think I will pull what ever is left so Larry does not need to water much.
Another sign of extreme conditions-this week all of my nectar feeders for the hummingbirds are being taken over completely by the little bees. I need to have Larry look at them and see if they are someone's honey bees. I hate to stop feeding the hummers, but the bees are keeping them away from their feeders-so will not re fill them this week.
I had picked another fresh zucchini, so I took out a package of frozen bananas-and made two gluten free breads-I used a cup of shredded zucchini and two bananas for each bread, and also threw in a handful of dark chocolate chips-turned out sooo yummy. I froze most of it.
I need to see where I am at with my large soap order for mother in law-and get her order ready to ship-which I am thinking won't be til september. No action on my web site yet, I did have one sale on my etsy soap shop-so that was encouraging. Hopefully this fall things will perk up.
Off to put another load on the clothes line-have an awesome day.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise Outside my Window

Just moments earlier I had thrown out a little corn and seed for the birds-and our squirrels are back in the area too--I took a break from the computer-and there they all were-very cool-this is the flock we have been seeing.

Urge to Hand Quilt Again

Remember this quilt? More photos and history of this quilt here wow looking at this album again, I took this quilt off the frame back in 2010 in order to work on two gift quilts.

Yesterday was an odd day, I made our main meal on the grill early in the day-to avoid the extreme heat and possible storms (which the storms never came) and Larry was up working all nite then, and out early working on his truck-so he was really tired and over heated-so after our noon meal took a shower and went to bed.

I had the whole afternoon for a project, so decided to mend a pair of pants for him, and add lots more patches to an old pair of comfy jeans of mine-these jeans are so thin now, that pretty soon they will be all patches-lol I got out a bag of quilt blocks and sewed a bunch of them on this time. I went thru my fabric shelves and re arranged a bit-mostly cause I was looking for something-which ended up not being on the shelves-lol I mailed off all of those strips I had cut to make that double nine patch quilt pattern and packed it up and sent it to my Moms house. I will need a project to work on while I am there, and if she is having a good day we can do that together. she is really good at these little squares-one inch squares sewn into a nine patch.

anyways, going the shelves, I found my big bag of civil war fabric-which is definately a winter project this year, and I ran into this quilt above-took that down from the top shelf-and said yep I need to get this one back on the frame and finished.

So, woke up early and can't get back to sleep-decided to load this onto my old sears hand quilting frame.

I don't know if this is a bad thing, or if this is how creative people work-but I always have so many different projects going on all of the time-I need to get more focused and get these things finished. I need to think on who to leave this quilt to also, someone that will appreciate it-I have no family members to pass this one down to either.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Extreme Heat is Exhausting

I really do try not to dwell on the weather-mother nature does her thing-so it is what it is. We are from the upper midwest so we enjoy all the seasons, got tired though of the extreme winters-especially for our retirement years so moved south.

Larry in his younger years owned lots of land in arkansas on Bull Shoals where it was much more humid and much hotter, built a log cabin there and loved it. He was going thru a nasty divorce so he gave the land back to the owner so he wouldn't lose it in the divorce-afterward-the owner died. Since he had no heirs this land is now part of the state park system which is a good thing-long story short he always love the people in this area so decided Missouri would be a nice place to live, and a little cooler than Arkansas

It is beautiful here, we have all the seasons, usually do not go thru extreme winters, but the summers here seem to get extreme about every 10 years. This one especially-we had no winter, had a very hot spring-in the 90s, and now these 100s will not go away, no rain so everything has now burnt up-I am SICK of it.

Every morning at first light Larry is out in the elements trying to get our chevy truck (with over 500,000 miles on her) running again. This week the high humidity has returned and it was over 80 degrees when he went out-he just came in over heated-not good. did I say I am SICK of this weather. I know nothing -- I can do about it-but enough is enough! It is like we are trapped inside our homes, just like we were during the severe winters.

and thats another thing-since most of us had no winter to speak of are we now to expect old man winter to be exteme? i am thinking so-as soon as this weather breaks we need to get lots of wood cut so we will be warm this winter-

another thing going on, I need to make the long bus trip up to Indiana to visit my mom. I am really not wanting to go this year. her dimentia is getting worse by the day, I need to be mentally ready to handle living a week up there with her. and the greyhound bus has really raised its prices this year by alot of money-over 100.00 and the discounted price instead of buying a week in advance now needs to be purchased over 2 weeks in advance-

I need a creative project today--more soap making, and I think I will see what I have in fruit to either make sugar free jam for Larry or perhaps some brandy--brandy sounds good about now

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Art Sunday Peace

from here
from here
from here

from here
from here

Just out of the Oven Zucchini Bread and Coffee Being Served

I made a gluten free version of my banana bread recipe (see tags) and also changed the bananas to fresh shredded zucchini picked from my garden. For the sugars I used local honey and xylitol. The cake is super moist do to the honey, zucchini, and gluten free flours.


Song Saturday Give Peace a Chance

With all the violence happening in the world from Syria to Colorado this popped in my head this morning-song from my younger years

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wild Turkey Poults

Since I have been down here I collect turkey information for missouri conservation during the summer months. It gives them an idea on how good the spring hatch was.
The last several springs have been bad for turkeys-too much rain etc. All this month we have been seeing a large group of turkeys with hens within a two mile area. Larry stepped outdoors for a bit and saw the group on the backside of one our new ponds-was very cool to watch-a hen in the front, one in the middle and one at the end of the group. Never realized they raised their young in groups like this. It was also cute to watch a couple of the little ones broke the line and ventured closer to the pond-but before they got there-they must have been told to get back up where they belong-cause they went running back real quick lol

Good morning Thursday

My brother sent me the cutest cartoon, Hot outside? but it won't copy and paste, and when I found it online same thing. here is a link to it If you are suffering from these extreme temps too-found this funny.

My mini garden doesn' look too bad considering the weather and the critters. The deer were back into my sweet potato plants again, and I found damage on my hot peppers-some critter was eating them-like about 6 of them-half gone-grasshoppers? The shady area where my squash plants and sweet potatoes are-I now find loaded with flys mosquitos which I found odd. but on the news here they said more spiders than usual were getting into homes because they were looking for relief from these constant 100s every day.

Not sure what I am up to today, I was really tired from the heat yesterday. I am out of laundry soap so need to make that this week-I usually need to make it in september so I guess I have done more laundry these past 6 months. My big 5 gallon pail of handmade laundry soap lasts me 6 months usually-and I seem to do alot of laundry out here in the woods.

Off to make me a cup of tea-and get motivated for our early walk this morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Peach Time lol

My neighbor friend down the road just brought me a gift-how cool is that?? I was taking care of her plants while she was out of town, so this was a big thank you gift. So thank you you these are greatly appreciated!

These are sooo delicious too, they came in at market where she was, and the peaches were from southern illinois. I peeled up as many as would fit into one of my big pottery bowls-and it filled 14 wide mouth pints perfectly-as if I had counted them out-now that does not happen too often.

I posted a link to the time table for pressure canning these. My mom always canned everything in the pressure canner-so decided to try it out-this way I could get the whole batch done at once. My big canner holds 14 pints.

There was enough peaches left that I have ready to make a batch of peach jam for Larry using no sugar and the no sugar pectin. That I will need to set up the water bath canner for. The jam with this method cooks up super fast-so once I get the pressure canner emptied and off the stove I will set up for the jam. This is the fastest I have ever gotton 14 pints out of the canner for fruit- Mom says she loves them this way-so hoping these don't get too soft.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art Sunday Dragonflys

One of the things I enjoy about the summer time is dragonflys. We have several ponds now so we have an abundance of them. Over on etsy I designed a treasury of items with dragonflys last night, so I decided to find paintings with dragonflys for art sunday.
Here is a link to my treasury of dragonflys on etsy. ( a treasury is a collection of items for sale found by a common theme-it is a nice way to browse and then feature the shops over on etsy-and one is not to include their own shop items)
from here
from here
and I found these cool you tube videos

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Slideshow

I felt like I was back at work today-lol 8 hours on the computer-no wonder I feel like I am back at work-lol
I did get the last 30 pieces photograhed-cropped-and listed either in my web page store or in my etsy fiber shop.
Since I messed up my slideshows I put together another one real quick-should be able to view better too. If you have already been on my web page you will have seen most of these, also added the pieces that are in my etsy shop.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Art Sunday Gardens

I saw that rain nd fairies hd been posted for art sunday-so thoughts of gardens popped in my head
Grandmothers Garden - June Dudley Fine Art Paintings and Prints from here
'Lotus Lilies' by Curran from the exhibition
from here

from here

from here
Coffee in the garden
from here
from here

Friday, July 6, 2012

My new web page

I decided to have my own web page with a web store too  http://kathyinozarks.webs.com/

i will be selling my hand dyes and handmade soaps


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